Treatment Packages for your wellbeing

Acupuncture focuses on treating the root cause of your symptoms. It is particularly effective when treatments are given over a period of a few weeks which is why we offer a range of packages, listed below, to help you be your healthiest self.

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Weight loss

Six treatments over six weeks and personalised dietary advice. Pay for five sessions and get the sixth for free. 
£240 in total.


Just a few lifestyle changes introduced gradually over a period of 6 weeks. Acupuncture treatments focus on rebalancing hormones to reduce cravings as well as tonifying the Stomach and Spleen. 

Digestive Health

Six treatments over six weeks. Book as a package and get the sixth treatment for free. Total fee £240 

Acupuncture treatments to support your digestive system if you suffer from IBS, bloating after meals, cramps after eating, nausea, reflux or feel like food just 'hangs around' for ages in your stomach.

Super Health Food
Relaxing Facial

De-Stress & Unwind

Single Treatment £50

Gua sha and massage on the back to relax tight muscles and facial Gua sha to promote blood flow to increase collagen levels in facial muscles. A few acupuncture needles are applied to reduce stress levels.  Finished with an acupressure oil massage using grape seed oil along the meridians located on the arms and lower legs to promote circulation and relax the muscles.