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Meet Yasmin

My grandmother's passion for using traditional remedies for every common ailment sparked my interest in using and learning about alternative medicine at a young age. I first encountered acupuncture after I had been told that I would need surgery to resolve a chronic sinus issue which was causing severe pain on a daily basis. I was desperate to avoid surgery and booked an acupuncture appointment after a friend suggested it might help.


The approach taken by my acupuncturist was to discuss my symptoms as well as take a detailed consultation in order to build a picture of my overall health. All of this information was used to make a diagnosis. I was treated once a week and also asked to follow a given diet protocol which would help to optimise my health by improving my digestion. Five weeks later I was pain free for the first time in ten years! Since then I have experienced sinus congestion only after a cold and the symptoms disappear within two days. This success meant that acupuncture became my treatment of choice whenever I needed help for other ailments; I have been treated for gynaecological issues, sleep issues, peri-menopausal symptoms, Asthma, immune boosts, digestive issues (IBS in my case) and acute shoulder pain. 

I became fascinated by acupuncture and wanted to understand how these very fine needles can make such a big difference to my health and wellbeing. A feeling deep down that this was my calling kept nagging me. Eventually, after a friend convinced me age isn't a barrier to a career change, I decided to complete the three years of intensive training to become an acupuncturist. I studied at The City College of Acupuncture in London, which is accredited by the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB).


I am a member of the BAcC, which means I adhere to a strict code of practice. I completed a year of study on Tui Na Massage and will now offer this alongside acupuncture or as a stand-alone for anyone with a needle phobia. 


I am committed to helping you become your healthiest self so that you can enjoy life to the full. 


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My Philosophy

Western medicine is amazing at treating physical issues such as appendicitis, broken bones, injuries following an accident etc. However, for health issues where the body is not functioning optimally, Western medicine, in my opinion, offers medication to help deal with the symptoms. This is helpful in allowing patients to continue to live their lives, but it does mean they are often dependent on medication. 

In contrast, Acupuncture looks at what has caused the imbalance in the body and which symptoms are a consequence of the imbalance. The focus is on treating the root cause of the problem as well as the symptoms. Therefore, every diagnosis is different and treatment aims to target not just the symptoms but also the underlying cause of the imbalance. When treating patients, I believe everyone is unique with a diagnosis and treatment plan that is tailor made for the presenting condition at the time. Contact me to make an appointment and let's work together to get you back to your healthy self. 

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